Harmonic Mitigation Solutions

At AFP Transformers, we produce a wide variety of transformers and associated power accessories including high quality harmonic mitigation solutions. Our harmonic filter inductors are used in conjunction with power factor correcting capacitors in harmonic suppression applications. Harmonic filter inductors come in a variety of sizes, from 600 V to 34.5 kV voltage classes, and are available for single or three phase power systems. Filter inductances are tuned to specifically match their capacitors' power correction factor (kVAR) rating and have extremely long life cycles when used at their rated current.

Due to the nature of their application, most harmonic inductor filters are custom designed to meet a customer's specific harmonic mitigation requirements. Engineers can assist customers in the development of a custom solution that will solve harmonic issues caused by power factor correction systems. Inductors are available in iron, ferrite, or air core configurations with aluminum or copper windings and insulation systems in all UL standard ratings up to 220°C. 

For additional information about our harmonic mitigation solutions, see the table below, or Contact Us directly.

Harmonic Mitigation Solutions Capabilities

Harmonic Filter Inductor
Power Type
Single Phase
Three Phase
Voltage Class
600 V
5 kV
15 kV
34.5 kV
Core Type
Air Core
Winding Material
Magnet Wire
UL Insulation System Rating
Up to 220°C
Thermal System Rating
All standard rises up to 115 °C
100% Product Testing
IEEE C57.12.91 Special, Standard, or Custom
Testing Parameters Stored
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Watts
  • Vars
  • VA
  • Power Factor
  • Efficiency
Applied Potential (HiPot) Testing to 100 kV AC RMS
BIL capability up to 300 kV
Partial Discharge Testing
  • Up to 100 kV applied potential
  • In excess of 70 kV induced potential
Customer Specified Testing as Requested
Stocking Programs
JIT Shipping
Production Volume
Low Volume
High Volume
Lead Time
3 to 6 Weeks Typical
Expedited Turnaround in as little as 1 Week

Additional Information

Industry Focus & Applications
Switchgear Manufacturers
Motor Control Center Manufacturers
Power Factor Correcting Equipment Manufacturers
Power Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers
  • PDU manufacturers
  • UPS manufacturers
  • Voltage Regulator Manufacturers
  • Data Center CPUs
Industrial Heating Equipment Manufacturers
  • Furnaces
  • Induction Heating Power Supplies
  • RF and Microwave Heating Machines
Mining Machine Manufacturers
Waste Water Treatment
OEM Machine Manufacturers
  • Machine Toolmakers
  • Packaging Machines
  • Semiconductor Machine Manufacturers
  • Web Processing Machine Manufacturers
Industry Standards
IEEE C57.12.01
General Requirements for Dry-Type Distribution & Power Transformers, Including Solid Cast
IEEE C57.12.91
Standard Test Code for Dry-Type Distribution & Power Transformers
UL 508
UL Standard for Industrial Control Equipment
UL 506
UL Standard for Specialty Transformers
UL 1561
Industry Standard for Dry Type General Purpose & Power Transformers, 600 Volt Class
UL 1562
Industry Standard for Dry Type General Purpose & Power Transformers, Medium Voltage, Up to 34.5 KV
Standard for Dry Type Transformers for General Applications
Test Code for Transformers, Regulators & Reactors
Industrial Standard for Controllers, Contactors, Overload Relays & Related Equipment. (Motor Starting Autotransformers & Reactors)
International Standards
IEC 60076
Power Transformer & Reactors - Medium Voltage
IEC 61558
Power Transformers & Reactors - 600 Volt Class
CE Certification to IEC Standards
Marine Standards
American Bureau of Ships
Det Norske Veritas